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The Blue Ray Fulgor cabinet is specifically designed to sterilize pillows and other bedding items.

It is the ultimate pathogen destroyer, built by Fulgor Harriss Industries Mex. SA can kill all known pathogens, bacteria, viruses, spores, pollen, even superbugs at the very heart of bed pillows. Until now, there has been no other way to sterilize pillows other than by dry cleaning or washing in powerful chemicals, which leave dangerous chemical residues for guests.


- External and internal casing made of stainless steel type 304 caliber 1.5mm.
- External Dimensions: Length 1620mm Width 900mm and Height 1900mm..
- Internal Dimensions: Length 1400mm, Width 850mm and Height 1500mm.
- Weight: 250Kg.
- It has 2 stainless steel doors type 304.
- Swivel casters for easy mobility, with locking brake.
- Ozone generation: 2 x 30/50 corona Blue Ray type generators, increased voltage of 4,500 volts producing ozone concentration of 200-500ppm..
- Ultraviolet lamps: 10 x 30W [inside the chamber] producing short wave radiation at 265nm. [for sterilization of approved hard surface elements].
- Electronic timer control
- Drive fans: 2
-Max 500 watts used on Ozone cycle
-Max 400 watts used on UV cycle
- Removable shelves: 5x2, made of 304 stainless steel, with multiple holes or slats to allow gas to circulate freely.
- Capacity: Standard pillow capacity up to 20 pillows. [other bedding can be loaded in pillowcases or left loose]


Ozone [03] is a molecule composed of three oxygen atoms. It is a gas found naturally in the upper layers of the atmosphere and has excellent oxidizing power. This oxidizing power makes ozone highly effective for sterilization; its oxidizing capabilities are 500 to 3000 times more powerful than chlorine. For decades in hospitals, it has been used to treat surgeons' tools, in the water industry to kill pathogens, make wastewater safe, and in the food industry for sterilization. It is approved for all these purposes by the U.S. FDA and other agencies. .

Ozone sterilization eliminates pathogens by oxidizing the coating deactivating and rendering viruses harmless, killing bacteria and fungi, and a broad spectrum of microorganisms. It will destroy bed bugs, dust and bed mites, and all other living organisms it encounters. It will also eliminate the source of unpleasant odors..

Ozone is a short-lived gas that begins to convert to oxygen moments after it is produced. Its lifetime in air is between 3 and 15 minutes, after which it completely reverts to its original state of being oxygen.


As for other methods, it is worth noting its wide range, because as a gas it manages to reach every corner - something that does not happen, for example, with chlorine. In addition, ozone sterilization does not damage the materials approved for its use. It also leaves no chemical residue after use and is a more sustainable option than any other sterilization method. It is also worth noting its effectiveness as a deodorant - it eliminates unwanted odors such as tobacco smoke.


Unlike chemical sterilization methods, UV radiation provides rapid and efficient inactivation of microorganisms through a physical process.

Ozone gas cannot be used on laptops, computer keyboards, cell phones or other electronic devices, while UV can. Uv is a surface sterilizer. When bacteria, viruses and viruses are exposed to the germicidal wavelengths of UV light, they become unable to reproduce and infect. UV light is effective against pathogenic microorganisms, such as those that cause cholera, polio, typhoid fever, hepatitis and other bacterial, viral and parasitic diseases.

Traditional methods of sterilizing linens using high water temperatures, harsh chemicals and dry cleaning will destroy your inventory quickly; ozone will not. It will also cost you up to a hundred times more than using the ozone method.


Bedding and in particular, pillows have always been a source of pathogenic infection for the traveling public. Until this current viral crisis, no one had even considered how unsafe pillows and other bedding items were.

The use of our FRAC machine will not stop when the COVID virus is under control. Because this is just one disease, hundreds, maybe thousands of pathogens can lurk in pillows and bedding, always have been, always will be..

Now we know, now that we are all aware, the FRAC is with us forever.


It has been demonstrated by many eminent scientists and researchers, in particular Dr. Art Tucker, Chief Health Scientist at Barts Health NHS Trust at Saint Bart's Hospital in London. Contact with a person's mouth, nose and eyes on the pillow transmits to the pillow a large number of bacteria and viruses that can be transmitted to another person who will use the same pillow, even after changing the pillowcase.

When people cough in bed, they often cough directly into the pillow, driving spit and droplets deep into the pillow. The bed pillow is subject to breathing, coughing, sneezing, infections of the nose, throat and lungs, secretions from the mouth, ears and nose. In other words, the pillow is a massive source of pathogenic contaminants. Among those pathogens can easily include the SARS virus COVID 19.


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